Arker: The Legend of Ohm Transitions to 3D on Unreal Engine 5 with AAA Graphics

Arker: The Legend of Ohm Transitions to 3D on Unreal Engine 5 with AAA Graphics

Currently, active blockchain game Arker has released the final 2D complete redesign edition of its main gaming product, Arker: The Legend of Ohm. This current update comes after an exciting year of progress in which Arker has seen an expansion in its personnel, marketing efforts, and partner initiatives. One of Arker’s biggest advancements, a 3D version with Triple-A visuals based on the Unreal Engine 5, will enter alpha testing later this year (maybe in Q4 2022).

New updates to Arker: The Legend of Ohm will usher in a fully-fledged, playable alpha of the 3D metaverse, where players may explore the wars and games of Ohm’s reign. According to the latest announcement from the Arker team, they are finishing up “the implementation of all the HUD and the system of fights against the enemies that appear in the open world of Ohm.”

In Arker, an online blockchain game, the player and their partner pet go on a mission to reclaim the player’s homeland, the Kingdom of Ohm. The game’s unconventional metaverse, which makes use of NFTs, challenges the conventional, linear structure of existing MMOs. Included in the game is a fantastical metaverse where players may explore an infinite variety of gameplay paths. Every player gets to choose their own hero and make them look exactly as they want. In addition, one may play Arker alone (versus other players/monsters) or with some friends, expanding the scope of your gameplay options significantly. (such as through winning over antagonists or competing with other guilds).

The team claims that the release of the 3D version is only a continuation of the 2D version, and they want to continue developing and updating the 2D version as well.

The statement read:

“We have to emphasize the point that we are not neglecting the current 2D version or the progress of the players in it. We also have to make clear that the 3D version we are working on for this year is an alpha version, in which the game will be tested in a controlled way.”

With the release of the 3D version, participants on different blockchains will be able to interact with one another and compete in a multiplayer online game. Existing players may utilize their 2D game account to track their 3D world progress and vice versa, ensuring that they will not lose any of their progress and allowing them to continue using all of their things in both games.

More content, missions, and mini-games rooted in the ecosystem will be included in the 3D edition, among other improvements and enhancements. In addition to seeing the city’s famous monuments, gamers will be able to go inside the buildings and possibly buy some property to start their own company in the updated edition. If you play in the Arker metaverse, you may also get money without doing anything other than logging in. Tokens are distributed as a reward and may be used on in-game content or sold on marketplaces.

Already, major companies are investing in the game in the hopes of making it a hit throughout the world. Arker is one of the first blockchain-based games to launch on Nintendo Switch, and its developers have promised more collaborations and updates to “bring the game to the maximum number of possible platforms” in the near future.

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