Are the Boomers More Bullish on Cryptocurrencies?

  • Boomers are attaining better growth in the crypto industry than younger generations.
  • The boomers are more likely to concentrate on technical aspects like tokenomics, and the competitor landscape.

The cryptocurrency industry is more successful for the boomers. According to a recent report from Bybit and consumer research firm Toluna, the senior folks are adapting traditional market research techniques to crypto projects.

According to the study, 34% of the boomers invest 50% more than other generations. They also take a few days to conduct their due diligence on a project. The statistics also reveal that “64% of North American investors spend less than two hours or do not DYOR at all.”

Additionally, boomers are more likely to concentrate their research on technical aspects like tokenomics, revenue, and the competitive environment. In contrast, younger Americans are more likely to value reputational aspects.

Boomers Performing Better in Crypto

The probability of retirement among boomers suggests that they may have more free time than younger generations. However, it appears that young people would benefit most from becoming humble and picking the brains of the more experienced.

Boomers can use their prior knowledge of calculating price-to-earnings and price/earnings-to-growth ratios to analyze data from leading price-tracking websites such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. The importance of volume and the difference between “circulating supply” and “max supply” has to be explained to younger generations.

Cryptocurrency has many peculiar characteristics that set it apart from other capital markets. But it also has enough in common with them to allow for a reasonable degree of analytical skill transfer. After all, just like in traditional markets, the price of digital assets is greatly influenced by the equilibrium of supply and demand.

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