Sat, July 13

Archisinal and University of Buenos Aires Collaborate to Modernize Law Facilities Via Polkadot

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The University of Buenos Aires’ Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Lab (UBA IALAB) and Web3 data platform Archisinal have established a partnership. The organizations are working together to create a Polkadot-based initiative that will modernize the UBA law facilities.

In order to adapt blockchain technology to design and urbanism, Archisinal will collaborate with UBA’s Web3, Blockchain & IA Lab. The faculty’s Hearing Room will be transformed into a smart classroom via a contest open to students, architects, and academic community members who would want to be involved in the project.

Archisinal will manage the competition and make use of Polkadot’s blockchain framework via its blockchain platform. It will ascertain the necessary actions to carry out the task and manage the project with the help of group funding provided via blockchain technology.

The project will act as a pilot for Archisinal, enabling it to demonstrate the value of its MVP in a collaborative and academic setting. The project offers a model use case for using blockchain technology in education sector. It will spearhead and encourage volunteerism in Buenos Aires and support the upkeep and renovation of public facilities.

Through its Web3, Blockchain & AI Lab, the University of Buenos Aires has already started investigating the potential advantages of applied blockchain technology. Based firmly on the Polkadot ecosystem, Archisinal will expand on this framework and find new uses for blockchain technology at UBA.

UBA IALAB, in collaboration with adLIB! and its Director Marina Marchesotti, formed a relationship with Polkadot Blockchain Academy in January 2023. The UBA Faculty of Law hosted the second iteration of this academic proposal, which was created by Dr. Gavin Wood. The academic and Polkadot communities have benefited greatly from the association with Polkadot Blockchain Academy because of their ongoing and close engagement.

The partnership between Archisinal and UBA will serve as a catalyst for many other upcoming university projects that are in the works. Archisinal, recent winner of a scholarship program from the Decentralized Futures of the Web3 Foundation, has won three hackathons in 2024.

The collaboration between UBA IALAB and Archisinal will support academic research and produce future industry leaders by acting as a case study for blockchain deployment. In the process, it will create a technologically advanced and creative space at one of Argentina’s top educational institutions, adding value to law students.

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