Aptos (APT) Hits a New All Time High

  • Aptos (APT) has gained an ATH of $12.66, as per CMC data.
  • The token faced its ATL of $3.09 on December 29th, 2022.

Aptos (APT) the highly sensational cryptocurrency has attained its new All Time High (ATH) as per the CoinMarketCap (CMC) data. According to one of the most referenced and popular crypto data aggregators CMC, APT has gained an ATH of $12.66. The token is ranked 31st at the trading price of $12.24, during the press time.

Aptos Price Chart (Source: CMC)

Aptos genesis block was created on October 12, 2022, followed by the mainnet launch on the 18th of October. The Layer-1 Proof of Stake blockchain had the eyes of many crypto enthusiasts even before its launch. The blockchain consumed nearly four years to complete its development. A total of 1 billion APT tokens were allotted for the initial launch. 

Aptos Current Stats

Aptos was in the trading range of $8 to $9 for over a week, and at the start of the month, the token was in the $3 field, which was much below its launch range of $12K. Also, the token faced it’s All Time Low (ATL) of $3.09 on December 29th,2022.

The price data also varies in different data aggregators. As per CoinGecko, the ATH is $13.73 on the 19th of October. And the ticker of the token, APT, is also confused with Apricot Finance token.

The current market capitalization of APT is above $1 billion and the 24 hrs volume is over $2 billion. The token also has a market dominance of 0.19%. The price surge is not guaranteed as the token doesn’t have much functionality. And technical improvement has also maintained a stagnant position.

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