Apple Charged By XRP Holders For Looting Assets!

Apple Charged By XRP Holders For Looting Assets!
  • Complaint filed on tech firm Apple for permitting fraud application ‘Toast Plus’.
  • Toast Plus application scam loots away all digital assets of the users.
  • XRP looted profusely, from the wallets of Toast Plus users. 

For the tech giant Apple hits the limelight profusely just after the recent launch of its iPhone 13. This time, the news is rather hard and Apple is imposed to be bad here. Accordingly, a file sheet has been charged upon Apple, as its ‘App Store’ has allowed a fraudulent crypto application by the name ‘Toast Plus’. The ‘Toast Plus’ application is basically an XRP wallet promoting itself as simple and safe.

However, the Toast Plus is said to be a fraud application wallet, as it looted away all the digital assets of its users. 

The Toast Plus Fraud

As mentioned, the Toast Plus is a completely XRP based wallet completely open sourced. Besides being started in the year 2017,  Toast Plus has over 100,000 users by the end of 2017 alone. In addition, this application wallet is available in both android and IOS. 

On the other hand, Toast Plus has simply looted all its users’ assets. These looted digital assets are still yet to be calculated on a consolidation, owing to huge numbers of victims. 

In spite of this, the XRP holders took charge against the tech giant Apple. Also, they accuse Apple of being responsible as they allowed a fake crypto wallet application upon their ‘App Store’. 

 Furthermore, the users of Toast Plus got extremely agitated on Apple as its App Store continued to support and permit the ‘Toast Plus’ despite numerous allegations put forth.

Mourns of Investors

Many tend to hold Apple as responsible, as about 30% of all the transactions upon all applications in its App Store will go to Apple. 

In addition, the XRP holders took on Apple in agitations as Apple knew that the Toast Plus was a scam and a fake application, yet they continued it in their App Store.

In spite of all this, the charges filed against Apple states that all those who were users of Toast Plus or even registered before the incident, are to be compensated with $1000 to $100 every day, counting to the days of the violation. 

This is true under many terms of breach of information, breach of profits earned, etc.

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