Apple CEO Joins the Crypto Bandwagon Unrevealing His Crypto Holdings

Apple CEO Joins the Crypto Bandwagon Unrevealing His Crypto Holdings

Apple is a popular American international multinational technology company highly specialized into computer electronics and online services. The brand is so famous for its innovative technologies, reaching out to customers all around the world. 

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook officially announced his interest in the latest technology and his crypto holdings. On Tuesday, at the  NYT Dealbook Conference he revealed about his investments in some digital currencies. 

The interview was interesting as Cook shared about his idea in booming cryptocurrencies and digital markets. Besides, Cook was very smart and did not reveal about his crypto holdings and its worth keeping it hidden. Now, Cook’s announcement triggered the entire crypto community to speculate on which crypto assets he invested and how much he owns at present.

Apple CEO into Crypto Space 

Cook made digital investments by observing and researching about the crypto market and the new technologies. Thus, Cook now joins the group of executives in multinational companies who are already holding the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is a pride for the crypto industry as it drives big whales like Elon Musk, Paul Tudor Jones, and Micheal Saylor etc.,

Besides them there are many global firms that are eager to join the crypto community with huge interest. Thus, through this crypto market is growing mature and as a result crypto market cap hit a new all-time high of $3.4 trillion in the past week. 

Moreover, Cook kept his crypto holdings confidential without sharing any details till the end. He just shared that it will be reasonable to own cryptocurrencies as a part of a diversified portfolio. Along with this, the CEO adds, he is not advising anyone to invest on digital currencies as it remains personal choices of individuals. 

In addition, the CEO comments, 

Apple will not directly purchase crypto with corporate funds as an investment. Because people will not buy Apple stock to get crypto exposures.”

Thus, these high level executives’ interest in crypto and blockchain technologies will introduce a new form of energy for the entire crypto world. It is notable, as many individuals, corporations, and authorities are stepping forward to experience crypto investments.

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