Announcing NC BlockFiesta’22 – An Explorative Adventure Into Blockchain 

Second Sequel of NC Global Media’s NC BlockFiesta’22 Concludes

NC Global Media is proud to unveil the first edition of NC BlockFiesta’22, an explorative event aiding free blockchain education to 1 million+ students across diverse educational institutions. The day, 1st August 2022,  is all marked for the commencement of NC BlockFiesta’22 at Chevalier T. Thomas Elizabeth College for Women in Chennai.

We are happy to announce that NC Global Media has partnered with Chevalier T. Thomas Elizabeth College for Women (CTTE) for providing the graduates with a qualitative blockchain education. CTTE is a leading educational institution in Chennai, empowering women with the finest education.

NC Global Media is a Dubai-registered media firm establishing itself as a distinct player in the blockchain industry since 2020. We aim to make 70 billion worth of blockchain education free to 1 million students. BlockFiesta will be the foundational milestone for this prime mission. 

So far in our journey,  we have partnered with 30+ universities and colleges in India. We have also collaborated with 100+ blockchain firms and experts across the US, Russia, Bulgaria, India, and the UK. 

NC BlockFiesta will begin as a one-day seminar that is aimed to captivate the students with a brief yet intriguing introduction to blockchain and the linked arenas. Ten students from the young audience will be chosen for a 5-day paid internship. During this internship, students will be imparted curious knowledge on the blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3. 

The one-day seminar of NC BlockFiesta’22 will be headed by our eminent speaker, Mr. Yogesh Pandit, an experienced blockchain trainer, and accompanied by our NC team. 

We have been a passionate spectator of the blockchain industry contributing to this magnificent sector since our inception.  It also led us to launch our own online Google News-approved news publication – TheNewsCrypto, which is developing into a leading one-stop portal for consistent updates on the blockchain industry. TheNewsCrypto drives monthly traffic of over half a million (500k) across 150+ global nations. 

We aim to be at the forefront of connecting the enthusiastic GenZ with the innovative blockchain technology by igniting their curiosity. BlockFiesta is the gateway to this explorative era.

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