Ankr’s Polygon and Fantom Wallets Targeted for Hack!

Ankr’s Polygon and Fantom Wallets Targeted for Hack!
  • Ankr under serious hack attacks. 
  • Hackers target Polygon and Fantom users.
  • New specific link for accessing opened by Ankr.

The Ankr (ANKR), a Web3 structure involving various multi-chain and cross-chain links, is currently under serious hack attacks. In spite of the hack, the official Twitter page of Ankr, posted a tweet just a few hours back denoting the hack. 

Accordingly, the access for Polygon and Fantom users has been blocked temporarily for those who are trying to access them through Ankr. Nevertheless, the rate of ethical hacks, especially upon the blockchain swapping platforms, cross-chain and multi-chain platforms are on the rise. 

The Hack Pop-up 

The hack was a direct node attack upon the Ankr website itself. All those users who tried accessing the Polygon and Fantom subframe through Ankr received a direct pop-up once they entered inside. 

The pop-up denoted a doubtless ‘Funds are at risk’ tagline, prompting the users to enter their specific wallet address and seed phrases. Specifically, they prompted upon the wallet’s seed phrases alone. This has been given as a link below the ‘Funds are at risk’ tagline pop-up.

As soon as one clicks upon the link they are diverted to a page asking them to enter their wallet seed phrase. Once entered, the data ought to be collected, deciphered, and further gaining access to the wallets. 

Furthermore, once accessed, the funds within the wallets are ought to be stolen off. 

The Find-out and Countermeasure

This particular malicious pop-up was altered to the Ankr team through an anonymous CIA officer, who prompted into the pop-up himself. Very shortly, the team from Polygon was also alerted. And so, the Chief Information Security Officer of Polygon, Mudit Gupta, announced that alternative nodes will be provided until the pop-up issue gets solved. 

Moreover, he assured that they will work together with Ankr, in investigating, and making up possible security countermeasures. Also, the Ankr put up two different RPC links directing to Polygon and Fantom upon their tweet too.

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