Ambire New Gas Tank Feature Will Reduce Transaction Fees

Ambire New Gas Tank Feature Will Reduce Transaction Fees
  • Ambire Wallet users can save money on transaction fees with the new feature.
  • Users won’t be charged for the additional network costs.

The first open-source, secure, non-custodial smart wallet Ambire launched a new feature the Ambire Gas Tank with a focus on accessibility, which will help users to reduce transaction fees dramatically. The company created Ambire intending to bring flexibility, usability, and user-focused experiences to the web3 crypto ecosystem.

If the users enable the Ambire Gas Tank and prepay through token deposits, they won’t be charged for the additional network costs related to smart wallet features like ERC-20 fee payments.

Benefits From The Feature

With the Gas Tank functionality, users of the Ambire Wallet can benefit from savings and rewards on transaction costs while using stablecoins or ERC-20 tokens. This was made feasible by Ambire’s capacity to function as a smart wallet. 

To take full use of the Ambire Gas Tank, users can pay network fees in stablecoins like USDT/USDC/DAI, etc. The capability will help committed Web3 users save hundreds of dollars in gas costs if combined with the batching transactions feature unique to Ambire Wallet (combining many operations into one transaction).

The Gas Tank makes use of Meta Transactions, which are transactions relayed by another user but signed by one user and the relayer cannot alter the transaction itself. On multiple connections, The Gas Tank supports a wide range of different tokens. 

The network costs which a user will eventually earn are therefore prepaid when they make a deposit, with the relayer delivering the real ETH or other gas tokens for the transactions. As a result of this, consumers will spend less money on unneeded gas fees for switching and receive payment from Ambire.

The Ambire multi-currency crypto wallet makes purchasing, managing, and investing in digital assets simpler, with the aim of exposing people to the finest defi earning opportunities.

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