Alameda Research Wallets Activated Amid SBF Court Appearance

  • Sam Bankman-Fried will appear before a No-Nonsense judge on January 3, 2023.
  • The crypto wallets linked to Alameda Research became active with significant fund transfers.

Sam Bankman-Fried ‘SBF’ is scheduled to enter a plea next week in response to charges that he defrauded investors and misappropriated billions of dollars from users at his bankrupt FTX crypto exchange. It’s been just 6 days since the former CEO was freed on a $250 million bond.

According to court documents released Wednesday,  U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan is set to prosecute the notorious FTX co-founder in Manhattan federal court on January 3, 2023. Kaplan was appointed to the lawsuit on Tuesday after the initial judge withdrew from the SBF case due to her husband’s law company assisting FTX before its collapse.

Alameda Linked Addresses Starts Trade Ethereum

The never-ending FTX melodrama adds a new twist to the crypto arena every day. Now the community is alarmed by the most recent fund transfer from the crypto wallets linked to the defunct trading firm Alameda Research, a sister company of FTX.

According to the crypto intelligence Arkham, the Alameda wallets exchanged chunks of ERC-20 tokens for ETH/USDT. That was subsequently transferred via instant exchanges and crypto mixers. 

In addition, the Alameda wallets reportedly exchanged the funds for Bitcoin (BTC) by decentralized exchanges such as FixedFloat and ChangeNow. Hackers and exploiters frequently utilize these platforms to conceal their transaction flows.

The last transaction by the Alameda Research wallets occurred on December 1. These wallets had been inactive for several weeks until they “awoke” yesterday. Many Alameda wallets have actively sent funds. But the 0xe5D wallet and the 0x971 wallet are the sources of most transactions.

The transferred ETH is then consolidated and sent to smaller wallets, often 200k and 50k in size, by this 0x64e wallet. However, the assets in this situation are undoubtedly being “liquidated,” but it’s unclear whether the funds are liquidated or not. 

Moreover, the former CEO of Alameda Research, Caroline Ellison, admitted that she and SBF knowingly manipulated lenders, as per the court document of her hearing on December 19th. 

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