Ajman Launches Government Payment Platform on the Metaverse

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  • A Metaverse-based prototype for supplier registration was developed.
  • The Ajman Payment Platform (AjmanPay) is the first unified platform.

His Excellency Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director-General of the Ajman Department of Finance (ADF), launched a suite of smart services in the presence of ADF executive directors and department directors as part of ADF’s participation in the Ajman Government Pavilion at GITEX Global 2022. These services included the first government payment platform on the Metaverse. And the first service to register suppliers; Tawreed, which is specific to the Ajman government.

ADF’s efforts to activate the digital transformation governance framework and realize the intended objectives for a digital future are supported by the introduction of these services.

HE Marwan Al Ali said:

“The launch of ADF’s services today represents an important step on our digital transformation journey by presenting innovative technical solutions that seek to serve customers and enhance the potential for sustainable growth across various business sectors, contributing to improving the quality of life in Ajman.”

Significant Step Towards Digital Transformation

When it comes to collecting payments for services provided by Ajman’s local government agencies in the Metaverse. The Ajman Payment Platform (AjmanPay) is the first unified platform to do so. Supporting digital transformation in the emirate, offering new payment channels that match consumer needs, and creating a one-of-a-kind user experience all according to the highest standards of simplicity, comfort, and safety are all goals of the ADF. And this move is in keeping with that plan.

In addition, a Metaverse-based prototype for supplier registration was developed. Al Ali said that the new Tawreed platform is part of ADF’s larger effort to enhance suppliers’ experiences by simplifying and speeding up their access to services such as registration and renewal, evaluating and participating in bids, and tracking their activities.

ADF also promoted the AjmanPay platform during the event, which serves as a centralized hub for government-issued smart payments. Moreover, digital payment platform built to the highest international standards was released by ADF in 2019. With the aim of improving the efficiency of government tax collection.

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