Address Containing 489 Bitcoin (BTC) Finally Activated After 11.4 Years

11,835 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth 348,155,467 USD Transferred to Unknown Wallet
  • The inactive address had 486.091 BTC worth $50 in 2010.
  • Bitcoin has dropped below $40K to below $38.8K.

It has recently been discovered that a Bitcoin address that has been idle for 11.4 years has been reactivated, according to Whale Alert, which tracks huge cryptocurrency transfers from wallets to exchanges. According to the report, the inactive address had 486.091 BTC worth $50 in 2010. Notably, the BTC stockpile is now worth $20.2 million at current pricing, making it a valuable total.

The stored BTC was transferred to another address of unknown origin, 1LdJ4nyxrJqNB1oyr76rYerb2KDZk9wAvo, from the inactive address 17QBWJCGV4QbQhLbQhLbhcS7d9yB2S7DPLf4N9.

Whale Alert tweeted:

 “A dormant address containing 489 BTC (20,242,263 USD) has just been activated after 11.4 years (worth 50 USD in 2010).”

Long-term Investment

As was predicted, the development elicited a large number of responses. People praised the wallet owner for having the fortitude to hold onto such a large sum of money for more than a decade. It is possible that holding onto the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), for a lengthy period would prove to be a wise financial option after a decade.

Bitcoin has dropped below $40K to below $38.8K, wiping off the majority of the gains achieved due to Biden’s new policy announcement. Ethereum has also dropped below the $2.6K mark. After the White House produced a national security memorandum to govern the digital asset industry, the Biden administration announced its crypto policy, which might be a significant step toward a more efficient regulatory structure. According to CoinMarketCap, the Bitcoin price today is $39,251.78 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $31,050,367,015 USD. Bitcoin is down 7.16% in the last 24 hours.

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