AAG Launches MetaOne Wallet To Ease & Refine The Web3 User Experience

AAG, a provider of web3 infrastructure, has formally introduced the MetaOne® Wallet, its flagship offering. The MetaOne Wallet eliminates the need for users to remember or securely store their private keys and seed phrases, making it simpler and easier to onboard new users into the Metaverse economy. Additional user-friendly features include an integrated decentralized application (dApp) marketplace providing only authorized dApps, AAG’s own educational AAG Academy, and fiat on-ramps offered by industry heavyweights Coinbase Pay and Simplex.

The AAG team will be releasing support for several blockchains in the coming weeks, and the AAG Academy will be leading the charge to spread knowledge about cryptocurrencies and Web3; as a result, MetaOne intends to play a significant part in advancing the use and acceptance of Web3 primitives in general.

“I truly believe MetaOne will be a game-changer for both consumers and businesses. When businesses are able to provide a more seamless onboarding experience and consumers can feel safe to enter and discover what they can do with Web3, we will be able to take a giant leap toward mainstream adoption.” said Jack Vinijtrongjit, Co-Founder and CEO of AAG.

The MetaOne Wallet’s main goal is to make using it as simple as possible so that anybody may begin exploring Web3 and cryptocurrencies. MetaOne makes it simple to acquire, monitor, and manage a broad variety of digital assets and NFTs since it was carefully created to meet the demands of both novice and seasoned users. Additionally, the integrations between Simplex and Coinbase Pay guarantee that consumers may utilize tested fiat-based payment methods to buy their first digital assets.

MetaOne removes the requirement for users to memorize their private keys and seed phrases, reducing the wallet learning curve. Users may instead access their wallets through a number of various methods, including email and passwords, a device’s Passcode, and biometrics.

The efficiency, safety, and security of the MetaOne Wallet have all received significant attention from the AAG team. The MetaOne Wallet can identify and counteract possible frauds from harmful smart contracts and unscrupulous actors since it is built on top of AAG’s scam detection software. A built-in feature of the MetaOne Wallet also alerts customers to frequent errors so they may double-check before completing a transaction.

The integrated MetaOne dApp Store, which provides more than 1,100 dApps across numerous categories, is part of the MetaOne Wallet. To ensure that users are protected from fraud and shady practices, each dApp is personally examined for quality and security. Developers can also contribute to the ecosystem by using the MetaOne API to provide consumers with fresh experiences, such as the ability to transfer assets between chains and wallets without forcing users to bridge or place all of their digital assets in a single wallet.

With many more to be added in 2023, the MetaOne wallet will initially handle tokens & NFTs from 5 blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, and BNB Chain. On January 11 at 11 a.m. UTC, AAG CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit will host an AMA to address questions concerning the AAG product ecosystem. Register Here.

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