$31.4M USDT Hacked From FTX Gets Blacklisted By Tether

$31.4M USDT Hacked From FTX Gets Blacklisted By Tether!
  • FTX announces that the platform is getting hacked. 
  • Over $31.4 million USDT along with many other cryptos all hacked together at the same time.
  • Following this Tether blacklists all the $31.4M worth USDT.

Call it a true hack or not, for sure all the crypto geeks could evidently get a clear picture upon what all FTX has been trying to do! The CEO of FTX resigning on the morning of November 11th, and the platform getting hacked the very same day night despite the fact that the platform announced officially halting all transactions, and activities about two days back, all a coincidence?

With the war between Binance CZ, and FTX Sam a few days back indeed spiked up the entire crypto industry. Instantaneous consequential decisions were taken from both sides, one thinking, while the other not so, has ultimately led to the downfall of FTX crypto exchange platform. 

A Coincidence or a Well Planned Executed Play? 

And so with the downfall of the FTX platform, many other crypto based firms, exchanges, crypto financing companies all based on FTX started to shut down themselves one by one, owing to completely zero business.  Having a profound effect on the entire crypto industry, a self created winter season has indeed been formed. 

In spite of this, the CEO of FTX , Sam declared and resigned himself from being FTX on the morning of November 11.  On November 11, 2022, night FTX platform announced that they are under attack. Accordingly, crypto analysts could see various transactions being taken from FTX to other addresses. So far about $31.4 million USDT has been transferred. Apart from USDT, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and many other crypto were transferred too. The CEO resigning, and a huge hack upon a closed platform the very day night doesn’t seem to be a coincidence at all. 

This enraged many investors and customers of FTX ultimately. In a response, the entire community took to Twitter exclaiming what has happened, and thrashing the former CEO of FTX, Sam, ultimately. 

In addition, even Elon Musk posted a tweet accusing Sam in a rather direct way. Upon the tweet, Elon Musk tagged sam, to a meme, which had the layout of famous porn site, PornHub with a picture of Sam, with the video description as ‘ Man fucks 5 million people at once’! This was indeed extremely hilarious, yet the investment of 5 million plus more people lays as a question mark. 

However, in response to all this, Tether has officially tracked down all the addresses to which the USDT has been transferred from FTX, and has officially blacklisted all of them. Yet, the fate of other digital assets like ETH, BTC are not known.

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