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Robinhood Announces Launch of Exciting Crypto Features

Robinhood Markets Inc, a well-established financial services and trading platform based in California are all set to move from stocks

2 years ago 2 mins read

Cardano (ADA) Vs. Ethereum (ETH): Which is Better to Invest?

Crypto investors are eager to know which is a better investment – ADA Vs ETH. Cardano can support 1 million

2 years ago 7 mins read

South Korea Tightens Foreign Crypto Exchanges Regulation

South Korea is moving forward with its regulatory investigation of unregistered digital currency exchanges. Thus as of late, asking foreign

2 years ago 2 mins read

Now Get Your REEF Through Bitfinex Effortlessly!

For a cryptocurrency, in particular the altcoins, the price and strength of an altcoin obviously depend on the exchanges upon

2 years ago 3 mins read

Bloomberg’s Senior Analyst Says $60K Is Now More Likely for Bitcoin Than $20K

The expert additionally treats the most recent crypto boycott in China as bullish for Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin

2 years ago 3 mins read

FXT Celebrates Its Success on ERC-20 With Launch of BEP-20

The crypto trading platform, FXT, witnessed its massive growth of ERC-20, the first token which was launched in January. It

2 years ago 2 mins read

Amazon Hires Digital Currency Expert To Explore Crypto Payments

Amazon, the American multinational company is looking for a Digital currency and a blockchain product expert. The firm plans to

2 years ago 3 mins read

Top 7 Hot Trending Crypto Tokens Right Now

RUNE, BABYCAKE, QUICK, AXS, BabyDoge, SLP, SKILL are the 7 trending crypto. THORCHain is a decentralized liquidity protocol. Altcoins such

2 years ago 3 mins read

KFC Signs MOU With TriumphX for NFTs in South Korea

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) needs no further introduction as it is one of the world’s largest fast-food chains operating

2 years ago 3 mins read Joined as Executive Member in CryptoUK joined as Executive Member in CryptoUK. provides information to launch new regulations. CryptoUK also counts companies such as

2 years ago 2 mins read