James Turk: Looks Like Bitcoin (BTC) Survived Crypto Winter

  • Bitcoin has survived crypto winter, as BTC market experience a price surge.
  • BTC stopped trading like a tech stock.
  • Bulls have dominated BTC market in the past week.

Global cryptocurrency After several weeks of steady decline, the market is showing signs of life. Gains in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) have stoked the fire that has ignited the crypto market. which, despite persistent lows, is continually rising to new heights as a result of learning from past mistakes.

Goldmoney’s founder, James Turk, recently tweeted that Bitcoin made it through the crypto winter. Turk went on to say that the fact that BTC had stopped trading as one of the tech stocks was a key factor in the digital currency’s rise to the top in terms of trading volume and its survival through the severe bear market.

Furthermore, BTC has experienced two downtrends, but it has proven that it is a promising digital currency by emerging strong and setting new highs in its market.

BTC has been on an upward trend in recent days, with bulls dominating the BTC market. This week, BTC reached weekly highs of $21,075.14 and weekly lows of $17,093.99. Bitcoin’s price has risen from $19,907.83 to $21,075.14, representing a 5.35% increase over the previous day’s price. At press time, BTC was trading at $20,848.73, with the lowest price (support) at $20,606.99 and the highest price (resistance) at $21,048.39

Bitcoin and Gold

Recently, BTC and Gold have been in an upward trend. Although according to Max Keiser, a Bitcoin influencer, compared BTC and gold where he stated that the difference between the two is that Bitcoin has no top because the fiat currency (Dollar) has no bottom

In his response to Keiser’s tweet, Turk mentioned that one of the primary factors contributing to his preference for gold and silver over bitcoin is the fact that bitcoin does not have a top.

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