Bridge Champ To Allow Players To Create NFT Badges and Crypto Rewards Soon Per Revised Roadmap

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The most recent roadmap for Bridge Champ, the blockchain-based global bridge network, has been released. The ability to create NFT badges and cryptocurrency rewards linked to in-game accomplishments is an important prospective feature.

The online bridge platform powered by blockchain has gained significant traction in recent months. As a consequence, the demand for playing competitive and online bridge continues to grow worldwide, attracting a large number of new players to Bridge Champ.

The introduction of online competitions, NFT registration, token payments, and incentives has always been one of the team’s goals, according to the initial roadmap. A number of critical advancements are included in Bridge Champ’s revised roadmap to carry out that initial objective, including:

  • Tournaments (player and bot registration, lobbies, management)
  • Streamlining the mobile and web experience of Bridge Champ
  • Gamification and crypto support, including the generation of NFT badges to collect crypto rewards for game achievements (Q1 23)
  • Accepting credit card payments (Q3 23)
  • Rankings based on player skill and sportsmanship (Q3 23)

Every development stride on this roadmap will aid Bridge Champ in growing its popularity and visibility. The inclusion of NFT badges will provide fungible and non-fungible tokens that are utility-driven. Players of Bridge Champ may also get familiar with cryptocurrencies by earning incentives while playing bridge. On the Ardor blockchain, rewards will be issued and NFTs will be registered using the IGNIS child chain token.

The foundation of Bridge Champ is Ignis, the initial branch of Jelurida’s Ardor ecosystem. Its primary technology thwarts cheating and protects all in-game data.

“We are excited to enter the play-to-earn arena with a solution for online bridge play, bridge is arguably the most interesting card-based skill game ever invented, the combination of fun and exciting play with modern social elements and crypto integration creates an innovative solution never seen before”, says Lior Yaffe the bridge champ project lead and a co-founder of Jelurida.

Bridge Champ employs social elements to connect players from all around the world. Additionally, bridge clubs and federations may use the platform to investigate the online version of their preferred game. That comprises assistance for supervised play and pre-made hands for educational use.

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