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eSport Betting Platform Accepts Bitcoin

Launching a platform for viewers to wager on live eSports using Bitcoin. Details of the eSport Betting platform were filed

1 year ago 3 mins read

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin to Hit $1,25,000

The CEO and Managing Director of Fundstrat, an independent research boutique on market analysis and sector research stated the possible

1 year ago 2 mins read

Bitcoin Slid Below $45,000 After 3 Months

Bitcoin slid below $45,000 for the first time in almost three months Musk hits back at those who criticized his

1 year ago 3 mins read

Elon Musk’s Tic Tac Toe Scam with Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Elon Musk and Tesla officially announced today, May 13th to cease Bitcoin as a source of payment for Tesla’s products.

1 year ago 4 mins read

Hollywood Star Mila Bought Bitcoin 8-Years Ago

Hollywood star who bought bitcoin eight years ago is now happy In the beginning, Mila is not happy about this

1 year ago 2 mins read

Nexon: Japanese Gaming Giant Invests In Bitcoin Worth of $100M

Nexon has purchased 1,717 Bitcoins for approximately $100 million The company believes that bitcoin will offer long-term stability and liquidity.

1 year ago 2 mins read

Sean Culkin: First NFL Player To Convert His Entire Salary Into BTC

Sean Culkin will be paid $920,000 as his salary in Bitcoin via Strike by Zap. Culkin tweeted as “Bitcoin is

1 year ago 2 mins read

Beatport Is Ready to Accept Bitcoin as Payment From June

First Online Music Retailer to accept Bitcoin as payment Has formed a partnership with Robb McDaniels is willing to

1 year ago 2 mins read

Bitcoin (BTC) Nearing Google’s Market Capitalization

Bitcoin nearing Google’s market capitalization. Many investors see Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation.  Analysts predict BTC price could reach

1 year ago 2 mins read

Switzerland’s Insurer AXA Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

Switzerland’s Insurer AXA now accepts Bitcoin as payment. Back in 2019, the firm conducted research on customers’ thoughts on crypto.

1 year ago 2 mins read