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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Trending in Asia

Asia is emerging as one of the biggest crypto markets in the world. With it being the home to India

2 years ago 2 mins read

Sentinel (DVPN) Skyrockets Over $60% in Last 24 Hours

Sentinel (DVPN) surged over 60% in a day.  Sentinel is a blockchain-related decentralized marketplace. The price surge came after the

2 years ago 2 mins read

Crypto Investors Still Buy Cardano (ADA) in Dip Amid Market Crash

Many investors still buy cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) in Dip. Bitcoin and other major altcoins show bearish signals.  Cardano partners With

2 years ago 3 mins read

7 Best Altcoins That Make You a Billionaire in 2022

The ever-increasing hype for the world of cryptocurrency suggests the 7 best altcoins that will make you a billionaire. Although

2 years ago 7 mins read

South Korea Snatches off $47 Million From Tax Evaders

All the major countries all over the world are completely submerged into regulations and reforms in their cryptocurrency industry. This

2 years ago 3 mins read

Polkadot Rises up to 70% In 4 Hours

Bitcoin’s price dropped below $30k for the first time since January. DOT’s price rose to 70% in 4 hours on

2 years ago 2 mins read

Is Polkadot (DOT) Really Better Than Ethereum (ETH)?

Polkadot (DOT) recently has made all heads turn towards it. Being a decentralized, advanced web 3.0 blockchain along with complete

2 years ago 3 mins read

Ethereum Is Expected To Reach Its ATH on June 25th

Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain system that features its own cryptocurrency, Ether. Recently, on 9th May, 2021 ETH reached

2 years ago 2 mins read

PERL Token Price Rallies to 140% Following Launch

PERL’s 24-hour trading volume surged from $3 million to $122 million. Following the launch and Listing BSC, the price

2 years ago 3 mins read

SHIB and CHZ Token Price Surges Around 30%

Shiba Inu, Chiliz, and Keep Network listing on Coinbase Pro. All tokens have experienced a brief surge of around 30%.

2 years ago 2 mins read